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When you look at the artwork, do you really see metal bands with artwork like that? Do you see metal bands with album titles like that? They have Saint Vitus and black metal bands. Does it feel weird at all for you to be on such a list where you stand out? They have a wide variety of bands I respect in all different genres.

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No disrespect to them. But with Season Of Mist, they are music lovers and they sign bands that they like, and they seek them out.

I think it worked out. Because of the heavy instrumentation on the album, how do you approach playing such material on stage? There are no problems. I just have to use technology and do some things a little differently when it comes to running the organ tracks when we play.

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So in a way it makes the band sound huge but you also have to really be on top of it. You took almost five years for this album. Was it mainly because you were kind of redefining your sound, or were there other reasons for the gap?

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There are a lot of different reasons, but the original reason was that we had toured hard for years. I can make the amount of money I do on tour in one night of working a regular job. So we did that, and then we thought of getting together to start working on a new album and it just seemed like certain members of the band were dragging us down and slowing the process.

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So we had to kind of take care of all these different things and member changes. It took me a while to be confident to do things for the new album.

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I had to overcome every weakness I had. We took five years and put out an album that blows the other albums away, so that makes me happy.

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Did starting out and learning your trade in Philadelphia have any kind of impact and did you absorb anything musically from the local scene? We started this band when we were teenagers, and back then it was a crazy scene with all these people that would just come out of the woodwork for a metal show because it was just so underground at that time.

There was no "mall metal. I mean, it was there but were all going to hardcore shows. That definitely influenced me for this album.

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I kind of just took the things that I liked, and it inspired me to do something more and not just pigeonhole my band as just another metal band, really. Andrew Bansal is a writer who has been running his own website, Metal Assault , since early , and has been prolific in covering the hard rock and heavy metal scene by posting interviews, news, reviews and pictures on his website — with the help of a small group of people.

see Up till February he was based in Los Angeles. After battering the listener with songs like "Lift" and "Decisions Are Death Here" — each of which veer from tuneful and textural to brash and furious — VEXES tone down a bit and emphasize vulnerability over anger. The distorted guitars and unsettling tempos don't disappear, nor does the juxtaposition of crooning and roaring vocals, but on songs like "Plasticine" and "Lush" , the vocals become more consistently tuneful and the backing instrumentation less pugnacious.

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  4. Helion Lift Decisions Are Death Here Plasticine No Color feat. Mikey Carvajal Terra Lush Meridian Response Photochrom Ancient Geometry. The two were interested in starting a heavier project to filter some different ideas into. Graves was impressed with the tracks and hinted at wanting to join the band. It was nice for Bobby and I to take a long break from our extensive touring years we've both been touring since our teens and figure out how to be adults, but it's time for us to get back out there.