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It took me about four months to complete.

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This is the end result. The Apartment by Brandi Self Short, Thriller - A technology obsessed couple show up to their sublet in a new city, but soon notice that something about the apartment is terribly off - putting.

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Apartment 13 by Vicente Remo Thriller - Without the use of bars or chains, a young woman is trapped within an apartment full of cameras only to find herself fighting for her life through the maze of deceit. Apex by Nathan Hill Short, Action, Adventure - In a post-apocalyptic world, the bulldog makes ends meet after a serious encounter. Part 1 of a short film series. Genius geeks start these same tumbleweeds rolling with a new purpose today. They'll entangle the President, the Lake Elsie Monster, Buckyballs, a foot thigh of Athena and a pair of heavenly bodies.

Aping Edwin Porter by J. Whetstone Short, Comedy - Four aspiring filmmakers need an original movie idea for their first production. They lament the lack of original movies in Hollywood, but their dialogue is peppered with close to 50 old movie lines. Not just a jab at Hollywood, but a celebration of the movies we love. The Apocalypticians by David Sternfeld Action, Adventure - When two alien empires attempt to destroy all life on Earth, can the Apocalypticians save the planet?

Apocrypha by Mishelle Wendel Thriller - When Jonas Montgomery wakes up three hours after his execution by lethal injection, Special Investigator Emma Landry probes an exorcism the Church claims never happened. Appalachia by Jonathan Terry Short - Sam Jenkins, a simple farmer fighting to produce a crop when winter hits his town early, faces a spreading epidemic that threatens not only his farm, but the fate of his entire family.

Apple by Chris Ray kip writing as: June Stahl Short, Drama - When a boy learns something about the humble apple, he wonders if it could change his life for the better. The Apple and The Tree by Christopher Lawrence YaBoyTopher Drama - A father and son who are struggling financially descend into a life of crime, all while a young drug lord tries to clean up his life without disappointing his father. The Apple Tree by Steven Clark Short, Drama, Supernatural - While performing community service, a troubled man finds something he never expected -- hope.

Ararat by Jack Wibbe Drama - In , a group of scrawny Holocaust orphans dodges German and Russian patrols, and stumbles upon an understaffed refugee camp. They take over the camp and find unique ways to grow, to fall in love, to overcome trauma, and to heal. Araucaria by Martin Lancaster Dr. Mabuse Short, Thriller, Suspense - A detective races to decipher a cryptic message left by a serial bomber. He soon realizes that the message reveals not the killer's identity, but the identity oof his next victim.

Written as an entry to the NYCMidnight screenplay contest. And she's ready, ready to fight.. Series, Sci Fi, Fantasy - A rescue ship is lost in deep space and then trapped in the middle of an alien war.

The crews only chance of returning to Earth rests with a deceitful passenger and his mysterious cargo. Arctic Tundra Troubles by Alex J.

Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid: Michael Anderson's Fight For Life

Cooper Short - Three strange men stuck in a cave out in the arctic tundra. Much fun and craziness to be had! Are You Afraid of the Dark? Are You Okay? Arkham by Aaron Guzzo scuzzos Horror - When Walter Gilman moves to Arkham, Massachusetts to attend the esteemed Miskatonic University, he finds himself caught up in the sinister forces that pull the strings in this town, which the rest of the world ignores.

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  7. As he learns dark secrets about the town's past, he learns a few about his own. Based on the works of H. And his new job.

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    His first nut. Edward Nygma, The Riddler pdf - Discuss this script. Armageddon by Richard Russell Short, Drama - All a woman has to do to save the world is screw an angel. The Armor of Belial by George Willson hosted by The Nibelung Mine Action, Adventure - A slave places his family at risk when he discovers an ancient weapon and tries to overthrow the cruel leader of his world.

    The Arms by Mark Brooks Short, Drama - A desperate robber enters the wrong pub at opening time when trying to make some easy money. Arpeggio by Vincent Chin vincentchin88 Romantic Comdy - An aspiring musician and his old college buddy cross path in an airport and decides to help each other break-up with their girlfriends back home. Frank Baum: A small town girl who dreams of traveling to distant lands, suddenly finds herself on an epic quest to release her lost love from the prison of an underworld garden matrix.

    Arrival of Light by Steve Miles Short, Sci Fi, Drama - In a future where every choice is measured by its risk, a disillusioned man looks to his past for a way to escape his present. With the help of their contacts within the scientific community, they discern that the signal is being sent deliberately from a massive earth-bound alien spacecraft. The Art House Audience by Austin Swain Comedy - Set in , A musically inclined freshman at a prestigious arts college deals with depression, relationships, the Vietnam War, and his mother's death with the help of his English professor.

    The Art of Persuasion by Gabriel Moronta mr. Then there's the real one. Artist, The by Earl J. Mullen Short, Drama - James McMullen is a famous artist who had everything, until one night his wife Judith McMullen dies in a car accident, James loses himself, blaming God and himself for the lost of his beloved Judith.

    Artisto Rol by CJ Walley hosted by CJ Walley Drama - An ambitious young actor pushes herself into the sordid underbelly of London while preparing for her dream role, but doesn't like what she discovers about herself.

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    Art's Tattoo Removal by Mark Lyons rc Short, Drama, Gangster Noir - A retired hitman takes a job from an old employer in his new profession; slicing tattoos off of people's skin and selling them as artwork. As We Know It by Christopher Francis Action, Adventure - A writer deals with a messy break up with the help of his best friend while at the same time trying to finish his latest book before the impending nuclear apocalypse.

    Asashin by Tamuna Tsertsvadze Drama, Romance, Family, Fantasy - A girl from European-style village and an Asian-style tribal prince fall in love, while both of their people are strictly against their relationship. Ashanti Cry by Milton Boothe Drama - Kidnapped from the coast of Ghana and brought to the island of Jamaica, where they were sold into slavery, this family just refused to accept their fate.

    Ashanti Cry is the intriguing saga of how these siblings, against the odds, outwitted the system, freed themselves from the atrocities of slavery, and ended up creating history in the process. Ashes by Manish Sharma Short, Drama - What happens when you see yourself die every night in a terrible dream? Ashes of New York by Matt Waters Drama, Crime - Haunted by the death of his wife in the September 11th terrorist attacks, a burnt out, alcoholic detective struggles for redemption through his investigation of a forgotten murder and the deep connection he shares with the teen victim's lonely mother.

    Ashes to Ashes by Roberto Negron Sci Fi, Fantasy, Drama - When a Never-Trumper's home address gets leaked on social media, five Neo-Nazis show up at his house to shut him up, but not if the spirit of the Never-Trumper's late cousin has anything to say about it. Asian Persuasion by Jason Yourgules Short, Comedy - Jack is a young animator on the cusp of his most important project.

    Meeting his Asian girlfriend's mother. Ass and the Elephant by Ron Foth Jr. Short, Comedy - Two neighbors What could be worse? Assassin Teens by Chris Short - After Ryan discovers that his sister was abused he becomes an assassin. First episode of the series. The priest has other plans. The Assault of the Mantis by Robin Vicci Thriller - Scott is being asked to investigate the strange death of a man and a girl of 18 years in Merrill Township, Scott at first is happy because his girlfriend works there.

    Things change on arrival, he realizes there is a Mantis of 2.

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    Army Ranger, is having trouble adjusting back to civilian life. Then one day, an unconventional job offer comes his way. Astonishing by Patrick Sweeney Short, Horror, Comedy - A spunky young witch and her wisecracking sidekicks uncover an astonishing family secret while battling a zombie apocalypse. Plus, bunnies! The Astronaut by Ishan Parikh Short, Sci Fi - An astronaut awakes after blacking out on a space mission gone awry, in a world where no one recognizes him. Meanwhile, his wife searches for him.

    The story is told in dual narrative.

    Unproduced Scripts by Genre

    And get's a sharp reminder of how close he is the the end, and how little he has accomplished. Emotions are stirred, sparks fly, and the truth about these two lovers comes out. The play has been thoroughly researched and checked for historical accuracy. I just wanna smoke my weed, eat my cereal and have a chill ass day.

    I do want that vinyl though. It sucks because she really be trying though. Hope she get one, so we can turn up again! Atlantis Heights by Duke Rightious hosted by Atlantis Heights Series, Sci Fi, Fantasy - A resident, no-nonsense real estate agent for an underwater city created after the melting of the polar ice caps struggles against forces of nature and nefarious outside dwellers to find long-hidden items that can change the course of past, present and future events.

    Atonement by Evan Gillespie Sci Fi, Action, Suspense - An alien race uses prophesy from the Book of Revelations in the bible to trick humanity into believing the rapture has occured and the period of tribulation and the antichrist is at hand. In reality, it's an ellaborate hoax to set the earth up for invasion. Two Ants take it upon themselves to seek help from the elusive gang of Grasshoppers.

    They must work together to defeat the undefeatable Monster; an eight year old kid. Attack on Titan by Spencer Serra Action, Adventure - With his hometown in ruins, young Eren Jaeger sets out to eradicate the monstrous Titans that threaten all of humanity. An Attempt by Steven Wood Short, Drama - After learning of his own assassination attempt, he just devise a plan of counter attack. It's a death penalty case with no appeals. Aubrey by Michel J. Duthin Short - A lonely little girl faces her birthday present. Audition by Kris Griffin Short - Lea is 17 years old and not really interested in auditioning for a part in a stage production.

    Her Father who is no stranger to the arts of persuasion wants his little girl to do well and provides a strange form of encouragement in order for her to shine. August pdf format by Chip Casner Comedy - August Dakers is an immature 29 year old alcoholic musician who rather be homeless than work for a living.

    He finds love and faces his fears with the help of a witty and beautiful young college girl. August fdr format by Chip Casner Comedy - August Dakers is an immature 29 year old alcoholic musician who rather be homeless than work for a living. Auld Lang Syne by Angela Ness Comedy - A sensitive young teacher brings the love of his life to his hometown with disastrous consequences.

    Aurora by Melvin Wafula Short - Go with the flow, do not ask questions and you will feel something. As a Peace knight solider, a centurion cyborg in the future of Set 3 billion years into the future, people are born new with evolution of Cyborg A.