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But director Dan Trachtenberg proves once again his monster movie credentials with bringing to life all manners of misshapen creations, digital or otherwise, that would be truly terrifying if ever released into existence.

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Finally an answer to the classic 'Bear vs. Shark" question! Which is the better kisser? This episode number reminds my of my favorite Ray Bradbury title "Fahrenheit " or in Canada " Celsius The year was a leap year but don't LEAP over this episode! Yes it is. Holmes and The 5th Wave. This episode is dedicated to the hottest new nightclub in Winnipeg, Manitoba In the year A figure known to Mayanist scholars as "Casper" begins a year reign in Palenque It is said to vibrates with the universe's golden mean, Phi, and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity, and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness.

Sure it is In my most aggressive "Watch all movies in a series 1 week at a time" yet I start watching all James Bond movies Dr. No this is not a good idea Shtuff gets real in this episode and it jus seemed to flow into what turned into my favorite epsiode. This episode is like my Tim Hortons order.

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Double Double. A holiday gift from the past gives me a little podcasting break whch I consider an x-mas miracle Tompkins and RISK! Halloween Episode. They should make a Bar Rescue but for Restaurants!

In , I got my first professional writing and cartooning jobs, working at a small newspaper as a reporter and editorial cartoonist. It was an honor that meant the world to me. He was writing about the same things I was blogging about at the time: life, being a father of two young kids, and writing. We started talking regularly.

It was the sort of TV show we wanted to see on TV. And without a way to actually sell the book, there was no way we could make it as writers.

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Remember, there was no Kindle, iPad, Nook, or Kobo back then! No longer did writers have to rely on both talent AND luck or knowing the right person to get through the gatekeepers. In , things finally came together.

We suddenly had a Top 10 I forget how high it went, maybe 2 overall? Our books were soon routinely in the number one spot for horror and sci-fi categories. In other words, our people! In we sold our first script, for Crash the script was co-written with Justin Sloan of Telltale Games.

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Click on the Collective Inkwell tag to find the books by Sean and me. Or click on another of the tags to find books Sean wrote with his other writing partner, and co-host of The Self-Publishing Podcast , Johnny B. Just wanted to say what a fan I am of your work and am currently working on burning through your entire back catalog. Thanks for the great words man — all of them.

Hi, Leavening message with your writing partner too. Love it of course. I wanted to thank you guys for having a gay character who just happens to be gay and is just a regular character in story. Been turning people onto your work and they have been loving it..

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Thanks, Mark. I appreciate the nice words. Thank you for stopping by to comment. I read the first two z and loved it just wondering when the third episode is coming out. Hoping to find the time to read the rest over the summer.