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De mi -essi eu ave c double s ect ion en T longjimachinery. The shield h a s cross w it h double cross c r os slets and [ He claims that although he was legally represented he suspects that his counsel was under pressure from the executive t o " double-cross " h im , and he complains that he was not allowed a jury trial.

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Federal correctional workers face 'danger p a y double-cross workingforcanadians. Le personnel correctionnel et la trahison de la prime de danger workingforcanadians. Two halogen spotlights or two construction lamps. In addition the company also develops, manufactures and installs fully automatic feeding. Information pickets, held at Institutions and Community Parole Offices across the country to protest what we called the 'Danger P a y Double Cross ' , we re among the first moves in an ultimately successful campaign to reverse this wrong-headed management move.

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Your feedback will be reviewed. The diamond thief double-crossed his partners and gave them only worthless fake jewels. They set up a double-cross to cheat him of his money.

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In a double-cross by other dealers , he is murdered , and then he is blamed for ripping off the mob. Like any good spy story , The Company boasts its share of shadowy intrigue , lethal double-crosses, anonymous moles and intricate cat-and-mouse maneuvers. There's often a double-cross over money or a woman. I don't think anybody in the legislature would pull a double-cross. After recent events in Congress , both Democrats and Republicans felt they had been double-crossed by their party leaders.

He is accused of jeopardising the talks by fuelling fears among unionists of a double-cross. Examples of double-cross. We are not so morally or spiritually starved that we are prepared to double - cross anybody.

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Examples from the Web for double-cross "But they double-cross me every chance they get, Judson," he said as they walked to the county courthouse together. Mountain Clement Wood. The Salamander Owen Johnson. The Mysterious Rider Zane Grey.


The Mucker Edgar Rice Burroughs.