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And yes, it may leave a scar. Will be clean, not soiled or stained.

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Not ever.

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No doubt the house had a lot of private rooms where they could sit and talk. Especially since she had a feeling neither one would prove effective against Max Rossi.

Anger flared through her. As if she had any spare moments just lying around. It was difficult for her to take any time off of work. Every case they handled was vitally important to the people involved. His dark eyes hardened. You may not keep a record of your lovers, Ms.

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  • Her face heated. He froze, his expression hardening like granite, his jaw tightening. She followed him through the large living area of the house and through a heavy oak door. His home office was massive, with high ceilings that were accented by rich, natural wood beams. One of the walls was made entirely of glass and overlooked the valley below. There was nothing as far as she could see but pristine nature.

    But the view was cold comfort in the situation. I was given your donation by mistake and there was no log of your. The nearest thing to an answer I got is that your sample was mixed up with the donor I had selected because your last names were similar. My intended donor was a Mr. It was all meant to be done anonymously.

    His lip curled. Are you here to collect some kind of prenatal child support? Alison bristled.

    Diamond Girl.

    But I need to know if you underwent genetic testing prior to using the clinic. She gave me your name. She said it was your sperm that was given to me by mistake. A muscle in his jaw tightened and she noticed him slowly squeezing his hands into fists and releasing them, as if in attempt to gain control over his temper.