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Our online testing and mock assignment are good indicators of quality. The ability to meet deadlines can be more difficult to ascertain, but the clarity and timeliness of communications during the application and interview process are often predictive of subsequent performance. Similarly, if an applicant has difficulty following instructions during the application process, this is an indicator that communication could be an issue later on. All teachers must be from the U. Aside from that, we like to bring on teachers with lots of energy who love kids and enjoy the Total Physical Response TPR style of teaching.

There are indeed, and we even wrote a blog post about our three favorite traits to look for. A prospective hire should be confident of their skillset and have a positive disposition. Not specifically for the remote aspect. We look for the same traits that we would be looking at for an in office position, which, in summary, are great customer service skills, computer skills, and culture fit.

We look for someone who is self-motivated, has a superior work ethic, is technically savvy, and has the ability to work without distractions in their own home.

We tend to steer away from candidates who mention they work best in a team environment or need constant feedback. While we are a team, the environment is not a traditional team environment like it is in an office. The feedback is regular, but certainly not constant since they work independently with little to no direct supervision. People who have worked remotely before are ideal candidates.

We also look for people who have a strong work ethic, exhibit the ability to work independently, and possess strong communication skills over all platforms. Candidates must treat the job seriously, like any other job. Being able to communicate well in written form is a plus. Being able to show that you can work without micro-management and supervision is also pretty important. A red flag to me would be people who are sloppy when writing emails, not responding for a long amount of time without an explanation. Autonomy and self-discipline are absolute requirements for remote workers.

We look also for people who are proactive in their approach to their lives and their work. The remote worker is unique as they have to have initiative and discipline to work from home successfully. Written communication is a big deal in a remote company — after all, this is how we communicate with each other for the majority of the work we do. We also look specifically for people who are highly self-motivated, with a natural inclination toward working closely with a team. Yes; there are some traits we look for in remotees that are even more important in remote employees.

We are looking for people who can work independently as we are not micromanaging people. Working remotely and working for a startup requires a high level of autonomy and action. Throughout our interview process we may intentionally be a little ambiguous about requirements to see if a person is able to find the information that they need on their own or if they are crippled by the lack of detailed instructions.

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Candidates for remote positions in our company must have excellent communications skills and a comfort level with learning new and using technology. We look for and evaluate these traits throughout the interview process. We also look for candidates that are very motivated and self-directed. Independence is a trait we lean towards. The ability for someone to take a project, and make it their own is key for our remote workforce. Working remotely is not necessarily for everyone and some people find the experience to be very isolating.

Being disciplined and proactive are two traits we value very highly when looking for new team members. When we hire, we look for people who see remote work as an upgrade—an improvement to their lives.

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Some people function better in a physical office environment, or might be at the outset of their careers and want that sort of structure. Our team sees remote work as a big benefit, even if it has its own set of challenges.

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We shy away from the worker looking to travel first, and if they have time, do some work. We want people who believe the old-school office is unproductive and want to leverage this new way of work to become more effective, happier, learn faster, and as a result, cause the company to thrive. Written communication is an absolute must. Attitude is the number one.

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I want high energy, go-getter, positive individuals. Someone who has worked remotely before is beneficial. Someone who is less experienced in general and has only worked in an office will be identified as perhaps needing more support to start out. For sure — we look for outgoing, positive, articulate, curious people. When we meet them they need to be able to project their personality through a video chat.

We look for someone that has both a passion for work and for life! When working remotely, you really need to be a self-starter, with the discipline to actually accomplish the tasks you say you will rather than spending your days on Netflix binges. So people that have great habits in place for time tracking, organization, and self-management are an ideal fit for us.

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We always like to ask about the latest apps or tools that they might be testing out or using in their day to day. We recently found out about Calendly through chatting with an applicant and it has changed the whole work flow around booking interviews — hurray! Although not deal breakers, we do look for certain questions we look to answer affirmatively.

Is there alignment with our values? We want candidates who are positive, really motivated, self-managed, able to work with minimal supervision, and show passion about WordPress and what they do. We look for creative team players who are willing to bring new ideas to our company. To find a great cultural fit we expect to onboard people who are aligned with our core values, which are quality, excellent support, open-mindedness and creativity, a positive attitude, and honesty. With remote job openings, we also get so many applications that we have to be very selective about which ones we spend time on, so it really helps when the applicant takes some time to personalize their application and tell a story about themselves and their history.

We consider our remote candidates no different from in-office candidates. In the interview process, we look for people who are self-starters, entrepreneurial, and good communicators. These are three skills that are absolutely necessary among any distributed team member. Being capable is kind of an obvious requirement, but humility and kindness are absolute must-haves for us too.

The job application process is built up in a way that only applicants who take action themselves are able to land the job in the end. We encourage proactivity from the beginning by asking the applicant to set up a call with the most relevant colleague, and the applicant must find this person themselves.

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Such a small task tells a lot about a person. We tend to hire more experienced candidates now. Before remote, we could sit a newbie down with an expert and have them learn as much as possible.

We also like to hire experienced folks because they can appreciate the value of a remote workplace. And remote work lets us balance all of them. Same traits as in conventional candidates. If a candidate is flighty—moving from job to job frequently, they may be a bad fit. Candidates who speak poorly of prior employers or co-workers are a no-no. Those that exhibit very strong opinion for certain tools or doing things in a very particular way we also shy away from.

Guys and gals who are willing to help and use whatever tool is best for the job, not the tool that is best to grow their resume. The top traits we look for are self-starters who are motivated without much oversight; they have a passion for what we do and how we do it; and bonus points for anyone who has experience working remotely already!

One of the biggest is a candidate has to have worked remotely before, preferably for at least 2 years. Bonus points for working previously for a completely remote team.

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Also, a majority of our team members have operated their own successful businesses before. That proves they can be self-motivated and get things done. Some employees need to be micromanaged. Some experience of having worked remotely, or from home before is important. It can take some time to find the right balance working remotely.