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New titles added every day! We like to keep things fresh. Brinton Turkle, Thy Friend, Obadiah. The stumper is not looking for a Marguerite d'Angeli book, though, unless it's Thee, Hannah, because her other books are about Amish children, not Quakers Yonie Wondernose, etc. Description from Worldcat: "Contains selected verses from the Book of Esther illustrated with animal figures. Lynn Wheeling, A Quiet Place , This story was published in by Whitman, a Tiny-Tot Tale.

I was told that Queen Anne gathered those black dots.. THat is how I got that info. I tell it to everyone and I cannot believe it was in your online newsletter. Nothing is a coincidence!!! Thanks so much for another story I thought I was the only one in the world who was thinking so much about Queen Annes Lace these last few weeks. See Solved Mysteries. This is a long shot, but the grandmother matriarch fits.

Hamlin, John H. Beloved Acres published by Century, "A capable young girl manages a California ranch, and through hard work and good judgment is able to keep it out of the hands of a designing ranch owner who tries to force her to give it up. The newcomers were ready to open a riding school, a venture which affected Sabra's future in several ways.

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She loved horses as much as she did companionship and girls with similar tastes may follow her doings with enjoyment. The plot and characters sound like a Dorothy Lyons book, although I don't remember these exact details. Her books are delightful and well-worth reading. I checked into this, and " Teddy's Surprise " isn't the book I had as a child. I just checked my copy of a book by Hegarty called The rope's end. It is NOT your book. It's a Whitman Tell-a-Tale book.

Cover is exactly as you describe with a dark haired boy pulling at a rope. This couldn't be Robb White's Sailor in the Sun again, could it? If not, it could be another of his younger titles. R25 rag bottom: a book about the rebuilding of a boat is The Rainbow , by Edna S. Weiss , illustrated by Don Lambo, published Nelson , pages. The rebuilding of the wrecked sloop Rainbow was undertaken as a labor of love by year-old Joel's parent, but its completion was not assured until the Boy Seafarers were organized Boys and girls 8 to Not a complete match, but worth mentioning "The Grey Lady loves strawberries.

But so does the Strawberry Snatcher, and unfortunately for the Grey Lady he is not far away and getting closer all the time. Past flower shops and bakeries he stalks her, silently, steadily, biding his time. He pursues her by foot along haunting red-brick paths, and then by skateboard into the mysterious depths of a swamp both beautiful and terrifying. Closer and closer he gets, and yet the Grey Lady escapes him, in fantastic and marvelously improbable ways, until, in the heart of the forest the Strawberry Snatcher discovers instead -- blackberries!

NY Holt Another possible is this one, though it's tomatos and not strawberries. The story has two kingdoms, Krullerberg and Appletania. There are no gardens, and all food comes out of cans. A wise little girl cultivates a tomato patch in the forest, and a prince comes into it somewhere. Helen Chetin, The Lady of the Strawberries , This book includes a story called "The Strawberry Thief". Walter Kreye, illus. I have been trying to find a book I remembered about Robber Knights for ages. Your query reminded me about the strawberries, and that detail helped me find the title still haven't got the book though.

So even if this isn't your book, you helped me find mine! It was a Picture Puffin. The poor farmer grows strawberries but the robber knights come and eat them, trampling around and being gross.

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Then they fall asleep why? They wake up and lie there pulling faces. I think he frees them in the end with a screwdriver? Hope this is your book! Fast gives up 7 years of his life to the mysterious Mr.

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Fishbane, only to find that he's lost the 7 years of his childhood, causing him to be haunted by the ghost of his young self. Inside the window is a scale-model of St. Paul's Cathedral.

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Fast is a youngish man, but he looks older in this illo. Fishbane taking the child-ghost by the hand, both of them looking at the viewer.

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The ghost wears a sailor suit and wide-brimmed hat. Years ago I posted this question, and I am found the answer all by myself - using Ebay! I used this search: childrens book , next: childrens book , and so on, changing the year. I did this for a couple of months and one day I saw the familar cover of the book. I bought the book, of course. There is a mysterious old man with a magic sack who allows children to peek in, but not adults. The mayor follows the old man, steals the sack, looks inside, and sees his own face as he was as a boy.

I know why I was intrigued when I was a kid. I think this picture book is as much for adults as it is for children and the pen, ink and crayon illustrations are awesome. Dana Burnet,?? The Pool , I'm not at all sure this is the right story, but the description reminds me a bit of one I've read, and maybe it could be by the same author. The publication data seem to fit. Knopf, Inc. Then next to the title of the story, the book editor has put, "This delicate and tender love story is found in many scrapbooks.

It would definitely make a reasonable partner for "The White Cliffs of Dover", also a war story. This one is about Richard and Nancy, who meet during WWII in England and fall in love, discussing their personal "special places" that one must return to, to find oneself his is a trout pool. It's not reincarnation, but they talk a lot about "coming back" and "forever". The story shifts several times from present to past and back again, but at the end it's clear that both lovers have died and found one another again. Good luck!

Made in Heaven? Maybe you could look at that and find out what it was based on? Russell , which were published under the same titles over the years but in various editions.

enaqusyqisak.gq Some of the inside contents may be the same, but by then they'd switched to the bright, colorful covers so you'd never recognize it.