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For permission to reproduce the information in this publication for commercial redistribution, please Apply for Crown Copyright Clearance or write to: Communications and Marketing Branch Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada C. Fraud fighting Six brightly dressed superheroes stand together and are ready to fight fraud. From left to right, they include: a sitting grey, blue-eyed dog wearing a purple superhero cape; an elderly man with a grey beard in a purple superhero suit, waving hello with his right hand; a red-haired woman in a yellow superhero suit with a small smile; a teenage boy in a red superhero suit is giving a thumbs-up; a smiling teenage girl in a lime green superhero suit; and a muscular man in a blue superhero suit with a big smile.

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Subscription traps A red-haired woman in a yellow superhero suit is pushing back against a too-good-to-be-true free subscription offer, represented by a purple book decorated with a glossy red bow that has been placed inside a bear trap. Identity theft A muscular man in a blue superhero suit is flying through the air, fighting to take back his identity. CEO Scams A red-haired woman in a yellow superhero suit is flying through the air. Health and medical scams An elderly man with a grey beard in a purple superhero suit is upheaving a wooden cart with one of his arms.

The superhero is resisting the allure of the quick fixes promised by health and medical scams. Romance scams A grey, blue-eyed dog wearing a purple superhero cape is confronting a scammer on a dating site. Business scams A muscular man in a blue superhero suit is confronting two vultures dressed in badly fitting, cheap-looking business suits. Send us money. Door-to-door scams A grey, blue-eyed dog wearing a purple superhero cape has answered the door to a large brown bull. Emergency scams An elderly man with a grey beard in a purple superhero suit is lifting the lid off a grey metal box with one hand and holding a smartphone in the other hand.

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Purchase of merchandise scams A teenage boy in a red superhero suit is flying through the air. The superhero has revealed an online shopping scam that was too good to be true. Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Competition Bureau. Local scams. Contact your local consumer affairs office Your local consumer affairs office is the best resource for investigating scams that appear to come from within your own province or territory. Financial and investment scams. Contact Canadian Securities Administrators Financial scams involve sales offers or promotions about financial products and services, such as superannuation, managed funds, financial advice, insurance, or credit or deposit accounts.

Banking and credit card scams. Spam emails and text messages.

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Contact the Spam Reporting Centre Many scams arrive by email and text message. Fraud, theft and other crimes. Contact the police Many scams that may breach consumer protection laws those enforced by the Competition Bureau and other government and law enforcement agencies may also breach the fraud provisions of the Criminal Code. Contact the police Identity theft refers to the acquisition and collection of someone else's personal information for criminal purposes. If you suspect or know that you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, or if you unwittingly provided personal or financial information, you should: Contact your local police force and file a report.

Contact your bank or financial institution and credit card company Contact the two national credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on your credit reports. Always report identity theft and fraud. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Fraud fighting Fraud fighting Six brightly dressed superheroes stand together and are ready to fight fraud. Subscription traps Good deals can bait you into falling for expensive traps!

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Tips to protect yourself: Trust your instincts. If it's too good to be true, don't sign up. Before you sign up for a free trial, research the company and read reviews; especially the negative ones. The Better Business Bureau is a great source of information. Don't sign up if you can't find or understand the terms and conditions.

Pay special attention to pre-checked boxes, cancellation clauses, return policies, and any vague charges. If you go ahead with a free trial, keep all documents, receipts, emails, and text messages. Regularly check your credit card statements for frequent or unknown charges. If you have trouble cancelling your subscription, contact your credit card provider, your local consumer protection organization, or law enforcement agencies.

Identity theft Help ensure your identity remains yours alone! Identity theft is a serious crime! Avoid public computers or Wi-Fi hotspots, such as in coffee shops, to access or provide personal information; they put you at risk. Create strong and unique passwords for each of your online accounts.

Password-protect your devices and home Wi-Fi network. Use a secure and reputable payment service when buying online—look for a URL starting with "https" and a closed padlock symbol. Avoid giving out personal information on social media. It can be used along with your pictures to commit fraud. Always shield your PIN when using your card. If you hand it over to a cashier, never lose sight of it. Shred and destroy documents with personal information. Tips to protect yourself: Keep your computer systems secure with an up-to-date, reputable antivirus software and strong passwords.

Validate all transfer requests either on the phone or in person. Never use the contact information provided in emails. Verify the sender's email address—scammers will often create addresses that are very similar to legitimate ones, with just one or two different letters. Encourage your company to create a standard process for money transfers that requires multiple levels of approvals.

Limit the details you share publicly. Fraudsters use information that's available online and on social media to find potential victims and to time their fraud.

Little Black Book Volume 2

Health and medical scams Watch out for magical cures that offer quick and easy fixes. Tips to protect yourself: Remember that there are no magic pills or miracle cures for achieving quick weight loss or treating medical conditions. Don't trust claims about medicines, supplements or other treatments.

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Get the facts straight from your healthcare professional. Never commit to anything under pressure, especially if a large advance payment or long-term contract is required.

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Know that if an online pharmacy is legitimate, it will require valid prescriptions. Be skeptical of celebrity endorsements or testimonials.

Little Black Break- Little Black Book -2 Volume 2 ebook by Tabatha Vargo

Romance scams Who is really behind the keyboard? Tips to protect yourself: Never send money or give financial details on a dating site. Trust your instincts, ask questions and carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up. Know which services are free, which ones cost money and what it takes to cancel your account.

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Make sure you only use legitimate and reputable dating sites. Always check website addresses carefully, as scammers often mimic real web addresses.

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Remember that it's very unlikely that someone will declare their undying love to anyone after only a few letters, emails, phone calls or pictures. Business scams Stay up to date on the schemes targeting businesses! Organizations of any size can still be duped by clever frauds, so make sure you know about them. Tips to protect yourself: Educate yourself, your employees and your co-workers to be cautious of unsolicited calls. Create a list of companies that are typically used by your business. Limit the number of staff who can approve purchases and pay bills. Clearly define procedures for verification, payment and management of accounts and invoices.