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John Keble ; Sir J. Daniels, Keble ; W. John Keble:. John Keble: 1. Hawkins, 17 November ; Poems of the late Rev. Edward Smedley Wood, 1 June ; Life and Letters, ed. Stephens; Moulton, Library of Literary Criticism Grosart Richard Townsend, September ; Memoir and Letters Thomas Humphry Ward In he was appointed by Dr. Whately vice-principal of Alban Hall, an appointment which he resigned on becoming tutor of Oriel in In he was appointed one of the preachers at Whitehall, and public examiner in the final examination for honours.

In he became vicar of St.

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In he visited the south of Europe with Archdeacon and Hurrell Froude, making the acquaintance of Dr. In July he arrived in England, a few days before his friend Keble preached his famous Assize sermon on National Apostacy. Then followed the Oxford tractarian movement, Keble, Newman, and Pusey taking the lead.

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Theological study and polemical discussion now occupied his mind, which underwent great changes during the following years. In September he resigned the vicarage of St. In he founded the London Oratory, of which Faber afterwards became the head.

History of the Chapel | Oriel College

In Newman became Rector of the new Catholic college, which had been recently founded at Dublin, where he resided for four years. He died at Edgbaston on the 11th of August, Thomas Arnold, 3 vols Oxford, Parker, —5 , vol. Stanley London, Fellowes, , pp. The barrister W. Freeman and C. Froude and S.

A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature/Newman, John Henry

Hagiographical history had political conse- quences. The convert-ultramontanes, who had displayed suspect tendencies in their Tractarian days,64 fretted that theology, queen of the sciences, sat on a shaky throne, and that Christendom, as belief system and social order, was imperilled. But, for Freeman, the measures they were willing to take to prop it up made for both bad scholarship and hopeless politics.

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Preoccupied with temporal claims, the popes became Mafiosi more than vescovi. She was to be mobilised quickly, for the enemy was again on manoeuvres, corrupting soul, Church, and polity.

Elton Bristol, T. See [W. In September , Garibaldi secured the consummation of what he had been striving after for ages. But there was not a peep about popes. Possessed by the incurable disease of empire-lust, such cities tended towards despotism in order to coerce submission, and sacrificed their life-force in mortgaging their freedom. He stood forth as the vicegerent of the Creator, to bind and to loose Teutonic freedom. But was the apocalypse adumbrated by Arnold not now coming to pass? To whisper the question was to demand its answer.

Joining the hordes of British tourists making their inaugural voyage to Italia libera, Freeman embarked on a fact-finding pilgrimage to determine whether eternity was indeed slipping away from Rome.

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  6. The visit was not, of course, in a deeper sense, his first. With Ruskin, he might, on second thought, regret his first impressions. Ruskin, Praeterita, ed.

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    Cockshut Keele, Ryburn, [—9] , pp. From this assessment Freeman would not deviate. But with departure and distance he sought to fashion a reflection at once less frothing and more original: a perspective personal and political, but beyond straightforward rage, which would do greater justice to the complexity of his experience.

    The fall of Rome should rightly have marked the Parousia of a liberal Christian order.

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    Instead, Freeman felt only unease. His ruminations on faith and the future were increasingly framed in a dialogue with ghosts of the Roman past. What do these things mean?