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Not only was this a recipe for insane speed, it was also a recipe for extreme danger.

After a series of fatal crashes and other near-fatal accidents, both the S4 and the Group B class itself were abolished. While its bodywork is based on a humble street car, the race version was an entirely different beast, and it sports all of the radical bodywork and engineering tricks that made this wild era of sports car racing so exciting. At the same time, Lancia also competed in the prototype classes with cars like the open cockpit, fender-skirted LC1 from , which also looks fantastic in the white red and blue Martini livery.

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While the brand is best know for the sort of historic racing vehicles we see here, it still exists today under the direction of Fiat Chrysler, where one of its best known models is the Thema, a rebadged version of the Chrysler sedan. Drivingline home. Recommended For You. Sign me up for a quarterly digital magazine subscription.

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What would you like to learn more about? On the one hand the poetry of an oriental culture with the actors of the National Opera Company of Beijing, on the other two Italian companies bring us back to the fascination of the Commedia dell'Arte.

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An art made not only of literature but also of martial art, make-up and pantomime, brought to the extreme perfection in years of rigorous and constant practice that, outside the restrictions of time and space, reproduces the classical schemes of the masters. Two cultures that meet and dialogue on stage as in everyday life.

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More information and tickets See. Trento, 27 Settembre ore I f you are a member or subscribed the mailing list please update and confirm your Consent.

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Riccardo Scartezzini and dr. Chunye Niu and Dr.

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Lettere, Via Tommaso Gar 14 - 3rd Floor. A debate moderated by prof. Soft power has become the privileged means to increase China's cultural influence in the world and tackle the spread in the West's perception of China as a threat to the post-Cold War global order.