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However, one of the more standout features of the Black Shark 2 will have to be all the awesome display technology that it packs inside. I hope Xiaomi makes it available across the device via an update, giving an iPhone-like feature set to users.

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Putting that aside, you can activate Master Touch from the Gamer Studio overlay, which you open by swiping from the top right edge of the screen. Black Shark 2 will then show you blue L and orange R colored zones, offering you the ability to fully customize the display real-estate based on your gameplay style. Apart from the massive left and right zone squares, you also have small circular icons to place over on-screen functions that you want to assign to Master Touch. This means I can hard-press upon either of the two zones to shoot at the enemy, but I changed it to scoping L and shooting R in the video demo attached below.

However, I believe you will need to spend a lot of time with Master Touch, playing a lot of games, before you get well-acquainted with the controls. What are your opinions on the same?

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The Gourmet BBQ System grate allows you to lift out a section in the centre of the unit to add various foodie accessories such as wok, griddle, pizza stone, poultry roaster, Dutch oven and sear grate. This lets you cook an incredibly wide range of dishes. The lid has a weatherproof handle with protective heat shield and a rust-proof aluminium vent to control temperature and airflow for perfect barbecuing. The bowl is also fitted with a weatherproof handle and a lid holder, keeping the hot lid safely out of the way, or offering the ability to use it as a windbreak.

Wheels make it extra easy to move the barbecue around single-handed, while the ash can is simple to remove for quick cleaning.

Master's touch is just glorified Razor Sharp :: MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD General Discussions

Assembling the Master-Touch took about half an hour and required the use of a hammer, a screwdriver and a spanner. On the whole, it went well.

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However, forgetting a wheel resulted in us having to remove a fitting that was designed to lock tight for eternity. Much monkeying around was required, but we succeeded. Build quality is pretty decent, then.

Weber MasterTouch Premium Review

Shame about the instructions, which only tell you what to do, without warning about what not to do. The result was a sturdy barbecue, but we soon realised that the wheels should have been opposite the handle. A quick mistake to rectify, but by this time we were spent, and so left them as they were. The temperature gauge in the lid and air vents top and bottom are useful. Down below, the vents are controlled with a big handle. Below this is a removable ash collector for easy emptying; simply squeeze the handles together and pop it off. Lighting was where the Master-Touch fell down, though.

We experimented with the air vents top and bottom, but we only ever achieved warm, black coals, rather than proper flames followed by hot white coals.