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But it did not exist in In , I was also going to be pronounced as part of the non sick queer by the World Health Organisation! For the likes of me, it was a good time. I had come out into the gay scene and gay life in and around Soho and the trendy Carnaby Street of when I was My intellectual mentors at that time were limited. I was on the edge of the National Deviancy Conference — which in the UK was the most radical group of sociological thinkers and activists at that time. Stan, Paul and Jock were my mentors and through them I was introduced to symbolic interactionism — especially in the work of Howard S.

Becker, Erving Goffman, John Gagnon and Williams Simon, and Herbert Blumer though his book Symbolic Interactionism was not published till , when it made a huge and lasting impact on me.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Fragments Of An Autobiography, by Felix Moscheles.

The Sound of Music topped the LP charts. I never liked the Rolling Stones much but I did see the Beatles. I guess I was a political liberal; my mates in the academic world were all members of the leftist groups, and I aspired to be one of them- but secretly I had my doubts.

Marxism became my intellectual ghost in the cupboard- I have spent most of my life in fact wanting to be a Marxist, and not quite being able to make it: intellectually, politically or emotionally! Being gay made me a young engaged person and I was definitely on the side of all the liberal causes of that time with a very strong left leaning……. Extracted from Subterranean Traditions…. My illness lasted roughly three years.

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It started somewhere in though I denied it; there were many preliminary warnings from bowel problems to sudden sickness. In early I visited Santa Barbara, California with my partner Everard and become more and more ill. Eliot 'Martin Buber is one of the creative minds of our age.

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Life Writing in the Long Run: A Smith & Watson Autobiography Studies Reader

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Preview this Book. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. She alternates between short and long lines as an echo of short and long distances between people. It is the face of an old man. Those two prostheses seem to be merging in the metaphor. That trope, whose etymology implies flux and movement, makes the visual domain collide with the world of words. It connects words to each other, making a new subjective reality emerge. The metaphor is a cognitive instrument, a hybrid trope as it makes the visual and the linguistic domains merge. Geryon himself can be envisaged as a mise en abyme, as the metaphor of a metaphor; indeed, he also appears as a hybrid character: a red winged monster with human feelings, a being capable of love and solitude.

Furthermore, he uses both language and visual art in his ontological and epistemological quest.

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In his autobiography, Geryon seems to epitomize a self in flux under constant transformation and construction through monstration as visual and language effects. Carson thus seems to question the existence of a self as a fixed and eternal entity. A photograph that has compressed on its motionless surface fifteen different moments of time … Do you know how far away some of those stars are?

Just believe it.

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This is for Ancash , he calls to the earth diminishing below. This is a memory of our beauty. He peers down at the earth heart of Icchantikas dumping all its photons out her ancient eye and he smiles for the camera: The Only Secret People Keep. For a moment, the piece of art or the metaphor, hybrid products born out of the fusion of two languages, incarnate the meeting between two subjects and two worlds that become one. It symbolizes in the etymological sense of the term here the meeting of Geryon with Geryon. Aitchison, Jean.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Eco, Umberto. Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, Guibert, Pascale, ed. Hejinian, Lyn. The Cell. The Language of Inquiry. Berkeley: University of California Press, Manguel, Alberto. Reading Pictures. New York: Random House, Perloff, Marjorie. Poetic Language and the Strangeness of the Ordinary. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, Wittgenstein, Ludwig.

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Philosophical Investigations. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Mineola: Dover Publications, In doing so, he is going to reinvent his own ending through an act of imagination: Geryon watched his mother pick a fragment of tobacco off her tongue before she said, Does he ever write anything with a happy ending? A photograph that has compressed on its motionless surface fifteen different moments of time … 51 Do you know how far away some of those stars are?

Bibliographie Aitchison, Jean.