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I had an hour before I needed to be back at the hotel. No rush, though my nerves were really acting up.

There was so much I hoped would go well today, and so much of it was out of my control. I rang the bell and heard it chime inside the house. I could see someone pass behind the sidelight and then the door opened. The woman—forty, maybe? I felt bad for bothering her this early. She wore white shorts, a pink striped T-shirt, and tennis shoes, and sported a glowing tan.


She was the petite, toned, and well-put-together sort of woman that always made me feel sloppy, even though I knew I looked fine in my black pants and blue blouse. I shook my head.

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We have the house to ourselves. The kids are always too full of questions. I was glad no one else was home. I wished I had the house totally to myself, to be honest.

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain

I would have loved to explore it. I mean, we painted every single room and every inch of molding. And every closet, too, except for that one.

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The woman we bought it from showed us the writing. My husband thought we should just paint over it—I think he was spooked by it—but I talked him out of it. What would it hurt to leave it unpainted? Thus the Justin Bieber obsession. Jennifer opened the closet door. I felt a chill, as though a ghost had slipped past me into the room. I hugged my arms as Jennifer pulled a cord to turn on the light. She pressed the clothes to one side of the closet. I should have done that before you got here. Without the clothing, the closet filled with light and I squatted inside the tight space, pushing pink sneakers and a pair of sandals out of my way.

I ran my fingers over the words carved into the wall. Ancient paint snagged my fingertips where it had chipped away around the letters. When I stood up, I was brushing tears from my eyes.

Necessary Lies

Jennifer touched my arm. It makes it real to me.

I remembered my phone in my purse. I snapped the picture and felt the presence of a ghost again, but this time it wrapped around me like an embrace. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The description of the wilds of Florida and the birds were spot on. The book gives you insight on what the early days of the Audubon Society was like and deals with the empowerment of women.

Lovely book. I was sad when it ended as I wanted the story to keep going.

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My Books My Story Home. The Year of Necessary Lies. A Book to Savor. Posted by Kindle Customer. This book was so much more than I expected. A wonderful wonderful book!

Necessary Lies