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Or Learn more Continue. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Who wins? Othodus Megalodno 59 1. Othodus Megalodno. Still, I am to tempted to respond. I will give you credit for taking the time and effort to do all this research, but honestly, all you are doing is cherry picking sources, pictures, and camera angles in order to boost your opinion.

All I see in those images are rhinos floating in water - no crocs. Still, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Even if we are to assume that rhinos were preyed upon by crocs, tigers have also killed adult bull rhinos. The tiger will never let go an opportunity to prey upon calves and juveniles. Some three or four years ago a tiger, having killed a baby elephant, was attacked by a tusker.

Instead of trying to get clean away the tiger came at the elephant from the flank or rear, and having got on to his back raked and tore at him with his claws.

Run Away from The Tiger, Face The Crocodile

The fight went on for a long time, the tusker apparently trying to dislodge the tiger by running under and against trees. He seems to have succeeded in this at least once, but only for the tiger to recover and return to the attack In the morning the area was examined and the story reconstructed from the copious signs left about the area. The aggressor had had the best of it, for the party found the remains of the elephant calf and the dead tuskers huge bulk, atrociously torn, but the tiger had disappeared.

And almost all the legit sources say that the croc was 14 feet long. And LOL The big cats would initially be hesitant, but eventually, they will land the killing bite. Also, please note that big crocs appear super agile and flexible in water, but that is not neccessarily the case on land. Yeah - I never denied that larger crocs have better stamina than smaller ones. But they can't move or fight as efficiently. And here is a source which states that crocs have horrible stamina: The lactic acid is generated from the anaerobic muscular activity involved in capturing their prey.

Pitman 75 records the death of a leopard killed by a crocodile: While in camp on the banks of the River Weinganga in the Central Provinces some villagers one day, the 27th of March, brought me a half-grown panther measuring about 5'-6" that they had picked up dead near the river and which from the nature of the wounds on it had undoubtedly been killed by a crocodile. Komododo 7. Heterotrophic Organism. Mondas 2, Crocs are smart enough to know when they have attempted to 'bite off more than they can chew'.

Bengal tigers have been known to blind mugger crocs in water - and sometimes even rip their soft bellies apart with their claws. While salties are indeed larger and stronger, if a tiger can do that to a mugger croc in water casually, Post these accounts of tigers disemboweling crocodiles then. There are many accounts of lions, tigers, and other big cats disemboweling prey animals using their claws. Saltwater crocodiles gather at Cahill's Crossing in Arnhem Land. Dozens of cars are washed off Cahills Crossing into croc infested waters every year.

Stuart Butler Source:Supplied. A man and three occupants managed to escape the flooded vehicle with their lives after it was washed off the notorious Cahills Crossing. Basks of crocodiles frequently congregate at the river crossing, on the eastern edge of Kakadu National Park, to feast on swarms of fish that head upstream with changing tides. The crossing is popular with tourists and fishermen — despite warning signs that point out an extreme risk of saltwater crocodile attacks.

Yet some people continue to risk — and sometimes lose — their lives. Amateur fishermen, families including children and backpackers have been photographed standing in the water with crocodiles visibly nearby. World leading crocodile expert Grahame Webb told news. This family continued to fish with their young boys aged around seven and eight at the waters edge as more than 15 four metre crocs could be seen around the crossing.

Some even went over the crossing into deeper water. Source:News Limited. Retrieved 22 May Fox News Science. Symposia of the Zoological Society of London. Journal of Thermal Biology. Retrieved on Herpetological Bulletin. Tanganyika Notes and Records.

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Sudan Wild Life and Sport. South African Journal of Wildlife Research. African Indaba E-Newsletter. The new encyclopedia of mammals.

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