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For each magazine, we've indicated the percentage of stories that were science fiction vs. We've also counted up the words and computed how many novels-worth of original fiction they print each year, counting , words as one novel. Note that this only includes the original fiction; magazines that include reprints and other content will be a good bit bigger.

We've also included a link to a "representative story," which is an outstanding story from the magazine that's available free online and which received praise from various sources--not just RSR. Four of the magazines are available only by subscription. These four generally have the highest writing quality.

It definitely leans more to the fantasy side. It publishes almost no hard SF, and the balance often contains science indistinguishable from magic. It's well-hidden, but most of their non-fiction content is available for free online.

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Online magazines are very popular these days, and they've crowded subscription magazines and anthologies out of the awards in recent years simply because it's so easy for people to share links to stories they loved. Accordingly, the "recommended" percentages below are probably a little inflated compared to those for subscription magazines. Not a lot, though; lots of outstanding fiction appears first in online magazines these days.

They run a good bit of "experimental" fiction, much of which is fascinating. It has made a name for itself with its pioneering translations of modern Chinese science-fiction stories. On the downside, it will overlook writing problems if the story has enough "wow" factor, and the problem with experimental fiction is that sometimes experiments don't work. It prints original fiction with some reprints which it calls "classic fiction" , author interviews, general non-fiction articles, and the only editorials in all eleven magazines that are actually interesting to read.

Lightspeed offers an even mix of SF and Fantasy, and the diversity of story types is so great that no one has been able to pigeon-hole it. The editor is one of the best in the business, so the writing quality is quite high. It also does book and movie reviews and lots of author interviews. Subscribers get the stories as much as a month early plus some bonus content that non-subscribers never see.

I love Apex for the story concepts. I'm never bored by Apex stories. They grab you!

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Authors seem to have a lot of trouble figuring out how to end this kind of story, though, so you generally need to value the journey more than the destination. Subscribers get some content weeks earlier than non-subscribers do. They're particularly good at offering relatable characters in interesting settings. Subscribers get the new stories about two weeks earlier than non-subscribers.

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Others publish just horror or "flash" ultra-short stories under words. And a few are just too new for us to consider yet. As a group, very few of their stories attract attention from the reviewers, anthologists, or awards that we pay attention to. That doesn't mean they're bad, and we keep tabs on ones that look like they might "break out" and gain broader popularity.

If you're interested in magazines beyond the eleven we follow, here are two big lists of other magazines you might want to check out:.

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Short-fiction authors who want to join SFWA need to demonstrate they've had stories these publications in order to qualify for membership, so these tend to be the best magazines out there. They pay authors better, they're published more regularly, and they have longer publication histories than most magazines that aren't qualifying.

Semi-professional magazines aka "semiprozines" are publications that pay their authors but not their staff. That distinguishes them from professional magazines, which pay authors and staff, and fanzines, which pay neither one. The Semiprozine Directory lists 54 semiprozines, but it also lists a number of professional magazines that aren't in the SFWA list. An Invitation. If you're the editor of a magazine outside our eleven or just a fan of such a magazine , please feel free to add a comment to this article to plug your magazine. Include the name, a link to subscription instructions, and a few paragraphs explaining why it's special.

Comments on the eleven magazines or on our take on them are also welcome, of course, as are corrections. The links attached to the names of magazines in the text above all go to the subscription information on Amazon. Users wanting to order from someone besides Amazon. Labels: , Blog , Ratings. Laura January 6, at PM. Greg Hullender January 6, at PM. Laura January 10, at AM.

Greg Hullender January 7, at AM. Ironfrost January 7, at AM. Dann January 9, at AM.

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You mean, can you send us five stories to look at at the same time? Send us one, let us respond, and then send another.

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Do you accept simultaneous submissions? Although we employ common sense in dealing with edge cases translations, significant expansions, etc.

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In other words, all unsolicited submissions must be new stories. Have you read my story? You can see the status of your submission through our submissions portal. You guys are slow.

We are, a bit. Response times have improved quite a bit with the expansion of our first reader team, and we now respond to the vast majority of stories within three months. We appreciate your patience while we get to your story. But I want to know right now. We will review speculative fiction under 17, words and answer all relevant queries as quickly as possible.