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These facts were recorded for posterity by Jesse B. Thanks to the Internet, a game of fan-tan is now never further away from an interested player than his or her device is, and it is very enjoyably played on a number of different types of these, including smartphones; tablets; desktop computers and laptops. Thanks to the fact that the majority of online casinos provide players with the opportunity of free play as well, wherein no real money risks are necessary, even those who have never heard of the game will be able to learn it at exactly the pace that suits them.

The anonymity of the Internet allows players who may be intimidated by brick and mortar casino games to learn them in a totally stress-free environment, and real money betting only begins when the player decides that he or she is ready to do so.

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Fan-Tan is also known as sevens; parliament and card dominoes. It allows for between three and eight players, but is best enjoyed by four individuals. The object of Fan-Tan is to be the first player who manages to play off all their cards, and there is a standard 52 card deck in use for the game. Aces are valued as low. The game is over when someone runs out of cards. The French also play a card game called Domino , which is essentially the same as Sevens except that the player to the dealer's left leads, and may lead a card of any rank.

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Subsequent players may then build on that suit or start a new suit with a card of the same rank as that originally led. The equivalent of Sevens is usually known as Karten-Domino "Card Domino" , may be played with a or card pack and any Eight or Jack Unters may be used to start off.

If a player has no card with which to build, but has another Jack, may start a new sequence. The first player to shed all their cards is the winner. Another similar game called Elfer Raus! It is marketed in Germany by Ravensburger. In this game three fourths of the cards remain in the stock, players can play as many cards as they want in one move, and players who cannot play at least one card must draw up to three cards.

The score of a card is its face value. The rulebook distributed with the game describes two variants one permitting each colour to be started with 10 or 12 instead of 11, and one that is similar to the French card game Domino as well as how to play various children's games with the set.

The Game of Fan Tan

The following variant is described under the name Siebener raus "sevens out" in a German book. The game starts with the seven of clubs. For any seven that has been played, no other cards of that suit may be played before the six and then the eight. When the six, seven and eight of a suit have been played other cards of the same suit may be played at any time to form stacks on the six descending to the ace and eight ascending to the king.

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  5. At the end of the game, each player pays the total value of their remaining cards, and the last player who had to pass pays an additional penalty. It starts with the seven of hearts and the subsequent players may use an adjacent card, a seven of any suit, or pass. A player can pass only if no playable card is available, else a penalty is dealt if discovered. More than one deck of cards can be used.

    The first card must always be the seven of hearts, but the first move in such cases is decided by the dealer's position eg. The game ends when a player has no cards left. Points, are scored by adding the value of the cards left in hands of the remaining players for a number of games. The player s with the most points at the end of the set loses. In a variation, the winner gets the sum of all the values of cards left in hands of the remaining players, and the player with the most points wins at the end of a set. Up to three times per game a player may choose to pass.

    The Spanish variant known as Cinquillo is played with the Spanish deck of 40 cards. In this game the sequences start with the four fives, and the five of oros must be played first. In the Swedish variant known as Sjuan "Seven" , the first card to be played must be the seven of hearts. Thus, before beginning the game, each player should be distributed an equal number of chips, such as 50 or These chips will be used to keep score through multiple hands.

    This illustration shows a layout for a game of Fan Tan in progress.

    The sevens are played in the middle, and cards of a higher denomination in piles to the left of these and cards of ascending denomination in piles to the right. The first dealer can be determined in several different ways. The most common is to have everyone take any seat at the table and one player begins dealing the cards face up card to each player in a clockwise rotation one at a time.

    How to Play Fan Tan

    The first player to receive a Jack of any suit is determined to be the first dealer. Once the first dealer is determined, this dealer shuffles the pack and deals the cards one at a time in a clockwise rotation. The dealer should distribute the entire pack. Some players may get one more card than others if the deck cannot divide evenly amongst the current participants. After the deal the players then each add one chip to the center of the table.

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    Any players who received less cards during the current deal would then contribute one additional chip to the center pile. The object of each hand is to be the first player to eliminate all cards from his hand.

    The first player to do so will win all the chips in the center of the table and additional penalty chips from the remaining players as well. That same player will also become the dealer for the next hand. Once all cards have been dealt the players then pick up their cards to begin play of the hand. The player to the dealer's left has the first play, with normal play rotating in a clockwise rotation.