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Yet, little is written about this warrior queen or her incredible story. Photo Source. Fiercely independent as a young girl, she was well-trained in sword fighting, archery, cavalry, military strategy, diplomacy and all other subjects of statecraft. This was an era when the Mughals and the Marathas were constantly at war for control over the Deccan. The year saw the eldest son of Shivaji and his first wife Saibai, Sambhaji who had led the Marathas for nearly a decade being captured and put to death after Raigad fort fell to a Mughal army of over fifteen thousand. His wife, Yesubai and son, Shahu, were captured and taken to the Mughal court as hostages.

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He eventually made his way to the Gingee fort in present-day Tamil Nadu , before setting up court at Satara. However, in yet another blow to the Marathas, he passed away due to lung disease in after an extremely short reign. Instead, she threw herself into organizing a well-planned and vigorous opposition to Aurangzeb. They thought their enemy weak, contemptible and helpless; but Tara Bai, as the wife of Ram Raja [i. Rajaram] was called, showed great powers of command and government, and from day to day the war spread and the power of the Mahrattas increased.

She used this knowledge to lead from the front —travelling between forts, forging crucial partnerships, mobilizing resources and men. A skilled cavalry warrior, she also motivated her commanders and soldiers by personally leading aggressive attacks on the enemy.


Also, following the same techniques used by the imperial army, Tarabai and her commanders began penetrating the long-held territories of the Mughal empire as far north as Malwa and Gujarat and appointing their own revenue collectors kamaishdars. In her seven-year period as regent, Tarabai single-handedly directed the Maratha resistance against the massive army of Aurangzeb, then the mightiest ruler in the world.

In the midst of repeated failures in quelling the Maratha resistance, an ageing Aurangzeb died on March 2, This dispute quickly transformed into a battle. Tarabai and her son Shivaji were thrown into prison, where she spent 16 years and her son eventually died. Paul, cooked up the mascot after getting lost in the woods at night and having a vision of a young lady sitting on the moon.

Maybe he'd just downed a few too many High Lifes. Still another theory holds that the Miller family simply acquired a piece of art showing a lady in the moon and used it for its beer—and it's this lackluster tale that makes the most sense. Beer historian Jay Brooks, syndicated columnist for California's Bay Area News Group, points out that lunar ladies were trendy at the end of the 19th century.

Canadian beer O'Keefe sported a similar logo as early as , and did other brands.

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Wherever moon girl is from, a MillerCoors spokesperson said she's "a very special icon for the brand and something that we use sparingly for that reason. She is meant to be a sense of discovery for the consumer and a symbol that conveys our proud history.

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Fair enough. Still, at a time when craft brews are blowing the foam off the old-line brands Miller High Life sales were down by double digits in Q4 , Brooks believes that the company could better realize the mascot's potential. With the proper marketing strategy, she could be made fun and relevant again.

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This story first appeared in the April 4 issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe. Brand Marketing. By Robert Klara.

yoku-nemureru.com/wp-content/application-spy/1139-messenger-spy.php Photo: Nick Ferrari. Adweek Adweek.

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