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Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Sep Sales Ended. Event description. Description Join us for an illustrated talk and discussion about the rewilding of Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. The Rewilding of Aberdeen. View Details.

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The rewilding of the Northeast - Gene Expression

Can you tell us about the beaver and how it's changing the landscape of Scotland through reintroduction? Where beavers have coevolved with the other wildlife of river systems, they're tremendously useful, because they create habitats that hundreds of other species can use.

They create ponds and rippled sections downstream from the ponds. The dams themselves, with their intricate mesh of sticks and mud, are wonderful habitats for large numbers of invertebrates and the animals that live off those invertebrates. They also slow down floods and prevent scouring in the rivers. By coppicing the trees around the rivers, beavers create habitat for bats and other species. The number of wild fowl, ducks, and geese and the size of trout and salmon tend to be much greater where there are beavers.

So they generate this cascade of impacts that's already happening in parts of Scotland.

Rewilding is all about...

I found it really interesting that you wrote about Scotland in particular and the deforestation that took place after the Battle of Culloden in What happened after Culloden is a process we now know as the Highland Clearances, where very large numbers of people were thrown out of their homes and either went abroad, to colonize North America, for example, or to the slums in the big cities. The land was then taken over, either by sheep ranchers or by sporting estates where people would shoot deer and grouse.

Sheep have been almost forgotten as an agent of destruction in the U.

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We now have quite a romantic view of sheep farming. You can't turn on Sunday evening TV without seeing a program on sodding sheep!

But sheep mow down everything, prevent tree seedlings from growing, and will transform a natural landscape, within a few human generations, into a completely bare one. If you go to the rest of Europe, the lowlands where the fertile land is are largely bare, which is what you would expect, because that's where the good farmland is.

But the uplands are largely forested. In Britain the lowlands are largely bare, but the uplands are almost completely devoid of trees. And that's because of sheep. My argument is that rewilding those hills and introducing species we don't have creates a whole new industry, which could actually keep hill communities alive much better than sheep farming. We see all over the world people are paying big bucks to go and see fascinating wildlife.

Why can't we endorse that? What species would you like to see reintroduced back into Britain? The saber-toothed cat? The clamor for the lion's reintroduction so far has been muted as well, though we did have lions here until 11, years ago and even hyenas.

The rewilding plan that would return Britain to nature

More realistically, I'd love to see beavers brought back much more widely. So far there have just been two or three places. Wild boars are beginning to reestablish themselves in some places, but that too becomes a matter of policy.


Lynxes are a very good candidate. They're very popular with foresters in particular, because we have massive overpopulations of deer, which the lynx specializes in eating. I also hope that we can persuade people in Britain that wolves are an appropriate species to bring back. I was out in Cardigan Bay on my kayak, fishing for mackerel but at the same time trying to reconnect with a wilder and rawer and richer life. I was not in tune with anything resembling common sense.

There was a ten-foot swell. So it was a very stupid day to go kayaking. Cardigan Bay is always extremely challenging in a kayak if there's any kind of west wind blowing. This was quite a big wind. I was greatly enjoying the thrill of dropping into these great chasms of waves or riding up a great breaker and sliding down into another chasm, when I realized I had to get back to shore.

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