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Click here to make sure you get the news. Photo: Harry How, Getty Images. Can you imagine doing that today? Pretty much every oddball story about Durant -- especially the ones about how he treated women -- is at least partly true, according to Russell Hoag, Durant's manager and one of its owners.

But he didn't take anyone off his Christmas list if they turned down his advances. His attitude was more like, 'How about it, baby? In , the Phoenix Gazette reported that Durant had been arrested for aggravated assault after punching out a dame who'd resisted his advances. He bought copies of the paper and handed them out at the restaurant the next day, and was heard to bellow, "Who else do you know gets arrested for rape at the ripe old age of 70?

There was no floor show or lounge singer at Durant's; Jack himself was the entertainment. People came in just to see who he'd go off on and what he'd say when he did.

Separating legend of Jack Durant and his steak house from movie myths

He drank caseloads of Budweiser, sometimes until four o'clock in the morning, because his wives he had three of them kept leaving him, and his dogs three of those, too, all of them mean, ugly bulldogs kept dying, and he didn't have anyplace else to go. When he did wander away from the bar, he usually got into trouble. One of his favorite games was impersonating local millionaire P.

Wrigley while golfing at the Biltmore, because he got better service and because he thought it was funny the way the caddies jumped when they heard Wrigley's name. Then there was the time, Canez recalls, that Durant got so drunk he backed his sedan into the restaurant, then spent most of the next day telling everyone in the bar that his dog did it.

He'd sit up all night reading about some obscure thing that no one would know about, and then he'd go into the bar and say, 'Betcha 10 bucks you can't tell me the population of this little town in Iowa' or whatever. He was bored, and he must have been pretty lonely, too.

Steve Nash was reportedly 'struck by Durant's despondency'

BJ Thompson, who left in during a failed attempt to update the menu and eradicate the restaurant's Chicago whorehouse look, recalls Durant throwing a patron out because his lunch companion was black. He was prejudiced and mean, but he was also smart about how to get away with it. Durant was also deeply generous, Thompson says. And he was forever handing out cash to employees and regular bar patrons. Rumors that Durant left his restaurant to his staff and his dog are only slightly exaggerated. For some folks, there's no need to miss Jack Durant, because he's still around.

Joe Lauder was a Durant's regular who takes his whiskey neat but never, ever at Durant's.

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He's been in the place only once since Durant died, because during that visit he saw the old man himself, and he looked plenty pissed. And you can't very well give money to a dead man, can you? Bledsoe agrees that there's some kind of presence at Durant's. But his legacy and antics are so legendary, it's less about a ghost and more about an enigma.

You feel his presence because you look around, and everything about the place says Jack Durant. The man appears to have some kind of postmortem powers. Whenever I couldn't find something out about him, there it was. One night I was stuck, and I said to his picture, 'If you want this written, help me out here.

Even from the beyond, it seems, Durant still favors naughty tricks. Leo remembers meeting a psychic at a book fair while she was working on her Durant biography. Leo thought she saw Durant at Park Central the other day, but she knows that can't be right, either. That's why he did it -- all of it. He wanted to be with us forever. There's a big, framed photograph of Durant's, taken in , in the lobby of the downtown Phoenix building where John Sankovich lives. He's standing next to it now, telling one last Durant's story before calling it a night.

see url You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! He had a walker by then, and we got there and he said, 'You can go straight to hell if you think I'm going into Durant's with a goddamned walker. Steak sandwich with Roquefort dressing.

And that was the last meal he had in his life. A few days later, at his father's funeral, Sankovich looked up from his prayers and saw half the staff of Durant's standing there. It's about a community, a word that we all use way too much. I think Jack Durant was one of the few who knew what that word meant.

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