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They will also often have many small patches of brown, dead leaves which are easily visible in contrast to the rest of the tree. Skip to content Donate It should be noted that apples growing on the street are going to be very different from store apples. Identification Apple trees are easily identified by two distinguishing features. Concrete Jungle. About Us. The home minister at the time, P. Subsequently, a key Maoist leader and peace negotiator was killed in a staged encounter by the police in mid Chidambaram, along with the peacemaking bandwagon, moved on to other things.

The Maoists appear to be no less determined to carry on. The land ordinance is now dead. I wonder what Ganapathy thinks of it. Build: Hard Lessons of Business. This column, which focuses on conflict situations in South Asia that directly affect business, runs on Fridays.

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You are now subscribed to our newsletters. For a company founded in as an orthopedic-shoe maker, it hadn't gone very far. As an adjunct to its orthopedic line, New Balance started making athletic shoes commercially in His timing was superb. The running boom ignited in , and two years later Runner's World rated a New Balance model as the best on the market.

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In fact, the company had 4 of the magazine's 10 top-rated running shoes. Suddenly, Davis had a hot product on his hands. Growing that dramatically, you're behind the eight ball all the way. It was out of control. Then, between and , even as the industry continued its expansion, New Balance's growth all but vanished. Davis blames himself. And we tried to chase Nike and Reebok in terms of design, which we never should have done.

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The result was a lot of closeouts, a lot of selling below the recommended wholesale price. But we never had enough of them because we had spread ourselves too thin in all these peripheral areas. We knew our brand awareness was low, but even if we'd had money to advertise, we wouldn't have spent it because of our failure to execute effectively. The low point came in Davis's top managers urged him to shut down domestic manufacturing and join the stampede to the Orient. For a model of success, they said, you just had to look at Nike.

With low labor costs and economies of scale, it was able to feed its big-gun advertising and marketing machine. Although New Balance now makes some shoes and shoe components overseas, Davis has always felt strongly about manufacturing domestically. In his view, the virtues of doing so held sway over cheap overseas labor. You can establish proprietary techniques to improve upon product quality. We'd be a bigger, more profitable company if we made everything overseas. Making a profit is important, but it's not the most important thing.

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  6. To me, what matters most is making a product you believe in. As Davis saw it, the key to reestablishing his company's niche was its work force. His people were skilled craftsmen, not like the teenagers mass-producing shoes in the gigantic Asian plants. Together, their workers turn out about 10, pairs of shoes a day a number New Balance wants to double by Davis has eliminated old-style piecework manufacturing in favor of a team approach he calls modular manufacturing.

    Things are moving through faster because everybody works on fewer pieces and moves them through quicker, instead of working on a lot of shoes that are moving slower.

    And of course, inventory costs are lower. That's all because of teams. Davis's goal is to slash the development time required to roll out a new model. That's very aggressive, but it's important because when you get retailers excited about a product, they want it now, not a year from now. And one way we're doing it is by involving the teams at the embryonic stage.

    Brazil and the Amazon

    But Davis was attacking straight into a rapidly flattening industry. With competition for every crumb of market share getting ruthless, the question is, Is New Balance's special franchise -- width sizing -- impervious to attack, or even defensible? Can the pricing, marketing, and manufacturing strategies the company employed in an expanding something-for-everyone market serve it well in a war?

    The Strategy Davis's Operation Quick Strike builds on New Balance's traditional strengths and incorporates tactics that he sees as competitive advantages. The main planks of his "wartime" strategy are these:. Width sizing. Manufacturing shoes in true widths has always been the New Balance cornerstone. For men, the normal width is D; for women, it's B. Everyone makes those, but few other companies offer much beyond narrow or wide versions of selected products. Even when they do, they frequently just cut the leather or synthetic upper materials tighter or looser, and then glue them onto average-width soles.

    Ken Sanders Rare Books

    But all of New Balance's models -- for running, court play, basketball, fitness, walking, service, and "all-terrain" wear -- come in true widths. Width sizing complicates production because it requires shorter, more flexible runs and because workers must use multiple lasts, the molds on which shoes are built. With lengths from size 6 to 16, there can be more than 80 sizes for a single model.

    Width sizing is expensive, but it ensures a more customized fit, and Davis thinks well-fitting shoes will grow in importance as the population ages. Production control. By controlling production in New Balance's factories, Davis eliminates a problem his competitors sometimes have overseas: leasing enough factory time to make shoes when they need them. Retailers notice that. Just-in-time retailing. By manufacturing at home, Davis says, he can better serve his customers. New Balance's conversion to team-based production has allowed him to respond faster to retailers' needs. Like everyone else in the industry, he prefers that retailers order six months ahead; it helps in planning.

    Still, with increased production speed, he can take and fill orders in 30 days or fewer. And in any case, his 14 most popular models are always in stock. That's a big sales advantage.