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Carlson sees himself the same way. He cancelled the show in order to change the culture at CNN. Then he goes even further. But for the record Jon Klein is a small and dishonest person.

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He ditched the bow tie. The Dutch historian and author had been invited to talk to the Fox News host after he made incendiary remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and accused rich people of not paying their fair share of taxes, according to The Guardian. But you turned out to be far dumber, more dogmatic and less impressive than I expected. Yes, we did. Okay, so now TuckerCarlson sent me this email, after I asked him when the interview is gonna air was supposed to be on tonight. Stay tuned. I chose to release it, because I think we should keep talking about the corrupting influence of money in politics.

It also shows how angry elites can get if you do that. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Jenna Amatulli. He never did. Carlson seems boyishly at ease out here on the river in a way that makes the studied calm of his television persona appear superficial. He points to the drift of the investigation of Bill Clinton as a sign of trouble ahead. He sends a camera crew to the A. He was a Trumpist before anybody else, and I mean that in the best sense.

Carlson leans back in his chair. I ask if he can understand why having someone as impulsive as Trump with his finger on the button unnerves a large part of America. So was Sessions.

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Alas, there is no Sessions. Instead, the panel consists of the usual suspects: former senator Jim DeMint and conservative lobbyist Matt Schlapp. Trump is giving a speech in Youngstown, Ohio, that drones past the start of the show, so Carlson makes small talk with the panelists. Carlson rocks out in his seat. Do you have your funeral all planned out?

Then an odd thing happens. He greets Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell with a playful slap on the shoulder and asks to see pictures of his newborn. The red light goes on.

Fuck Tucker!

Swalwell exits, and he is replaced by Congressman Tim Ryan, a Democrat who represents Youngstown, where the president just spoke. The show cuts to commercial, and Ryan hands his phone to Carlson. Carlson is all smiles. Okay, nice talking to you. Jekyll the charmer, and Mr. The Carlsons have never done touchy-feely: Tucker learned his dad had prostate cancer when Pops blithely dropped into conversation at dinner that he needed a ride to the hospital the next morning.

His biological mother abandoned him and his brother, Buckley, when he was 6—his father remarried an heiress to the Swanson frozen-dinner empire—but he insists it has had no impact on his life. It had stores and a barbershop, and a car-repair place, and I used to get my hair cut there as a kid. So he called a mutual buddy and asked what happened to the guy. Carlson sees a direct link between American immigration and trade policies and the death of towns like Andover.

Jobs are being lost either to foreigners overseas or to foreigners on our own turf. Our immigration policy is insane and really hurting the country. After we leave the diner, we drive over to his cabin—not his primary vacation home—on the Ellis River, which he uses as a fishing camp.

We take a short walk to the fish shed, where Carlson shows me his true passion: the construction of fly-fishing lures. I ask if he ever runs into locals trying their luck. At one point during the interview, Carlson mentioned that Duca had also written about Ariana Grande and thigh-high boots.

Crossfire was canceled shortly after that show, and Carlson wandered the TV side streets for several years. Carlson is unquestionably loyal to those he works with. At Fox, he has a resolute policy of see no evil, hear no evil. Call it Tucker Disassociation Syndrome. Ask where he sees Fox News going after a year of chaos and he chuckles. I ask Carlson about his take on the Hannity-Rich fiasco.

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