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Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Kermani talks about art and faith from his own singular, but refreshingly uninhibited, perspective. There is incredulity, but it is matched by an intense empathy.

Beyond the Stars: Twelve Tales of Adventure, Magic and Wonder by Sarah Webb

He is very nearly seduced. He can be reverential. Best of all, he is funny. A friend pees in a hedge. He has a bad cold. He dreams about his mother. He gets ridiculously overexcited. The images merely bring a location, a focus, for devotion, creating a kind of mystical vortex. But their goodness or badness is, at some level, irrelevant. An ardent lover loves in spite of, not because of. Suffice to say that he needs to be read and loved and admired.

Wonder Beyond Belief: a book to challenge and change you

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Nearly every scientist had a sense of wonder once, inspiring imagination, fueling their abundantly curious and creative minds. They want to explore the world, and use their imaginations to try and solve many of its mysteries. But scientism, the reduction of all things to methods and explanations only, has taken the humility, the wonder, out of science. Modern science, which is built upon Christian foundations, has descended into a cold, heartless discipline, that views people as mere lab rats, indistinct from any other animal, and such should be seen and treated as just another animal, and we do not even treat animals right half the time.

Greed has also crept into the realm of science, along with political agendas. As a biologist, I cannot help but feel humbled amidst the great clockwork of Creation before my eyes. But scientism, fueled by atheism, seeks to remove the wonder for the sake of pragmatism, to simplify Creation to ones and zeros, and make it dull. The search for the truth has been obscured by the false wonder of greed, conforming facts to ideals that will either earn prestige or promise profit.

The quest for knowledge has become just another rat race.

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Everything has been reduced to self-indulgence; to protect our passion driven society, a society with foundations of sand. Wonder is built upon foundations of stone. Wonder is the first step towards peace and happiness. It drives us to do the right thing for its own sake, not because there is something to be gained by it. It guides us to recognize that there is something beyond just survival.

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It is why we have musicians, artists, filmmakers, and philosophers. Without wonder, the liberal arts would not exist, and our lives would not be worth living. We as human beings are separated from the other beasts in part because of wonder. Tagged as: creation , god , material , purpose , wonder.

He is currently a Wildlife Biologist for a Catholic high school, working as a habitat coordinator for the natural areas on campus, as well as helping with outdoor retreats for the students.

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Cerdeiras also enjoys gardening, fly-fishing and fly tying, carpentry, reading particularly J. Tolkien and C. Lewis , writing, and beekeeping. Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press.